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Frequently Asked Question!

Oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh range in price start 10,100 taka to from 21,420 taka. You will get a total of 5 bands of oxygen cylinders from us. Notable among these are China Oxygen Cylinder, Linde Oxygen Cylinder, Islam Oxygen Cylinder, Rama Oxygen Cylinder, etc. 

Price list of Oxygen cylinders of all brands in Bangladesh.

  1. China Oxygen Cylinder price 10,100/- taka in Bangladesh.
  2. Linde Oxygen Cylinder price 21420/- taka in Bangladesh.
  3. Islam  Oxygen Cylinder price 10500/- taka in Bangladesh.
  4. Rama  Oxygen Cylinder price 11500/- taka in Bangladesh.

Medical Oxygen Covid-19 with is one of the most important life-saving products in the fight against other respiratory diseases.

When a patient has pneumonia and hypoxemia, the level of oxygen in the blood decreases. Also if the level of oxygen in the blood decreases due to various reasons. Then on the advice of the doctor the patient is given medical oxygen.

Apart from Bangladesh, many people have died in neighboring countries due to an acute shortage of medical oxygen due to Covid-19.

The following is a list of companies selling Medical Oxygen Cylinder approved by the Government of Bangladesh.

  1. Oxygen Bazar.
  2. Peace Oxygen.

In addition to selling medical oxygen cylinders, the above companies also provide oxygen cylinder rentals and oxygen cylinder refill services.

A portable oxygen concentrator is a device used to deliver oxygen therapy to humans. 

Portable Oxygen Concentrator is lighter in weight than other oxygen concentrators and can be carried anywhere.

This type of oxygen concentrator draws instantaneous oxygen from the environment around you. It then delivers to the patient.

This concentrator does not require refillable canisters or tanks.

Portable oxygen concentrator maintenance is very easy to observe and transport.

Two types of oxygen concentrators are currently sold in the market of Bangladesh. The first is the 5 Liter oxygen concentrator and the second is the 10 Liter oxygen concentrator.

5 Liter oxygen concentrator price List in Bangladesh.

  1. 5 liter owgels oxygen concentrator price 45000/- taka in Bangladesh.

10 Liter oxygen concentrator price List in Bangladesh.

  1. 10-liter folee oxygen concentrator price 65000/- taka in Bangladesh.
  2. 10 liter owgels oxygen concentrator price 80000/- taka in Bangladesh.
  3. 10-liter philips oxygen concentrator price 85000/- taka in Bangladesh.

If you need an Oxygen Concentrator from a band other than the one mentioned above. Then contact us.

Only two companies approved by the Bangladesh government sell high-quality medical oxygen concentrators at low prices.

These two companies are:

  1. Oxygen Bazar.
  2. Peace Oxygen.

If you want you can buy high quality oxygen concentrator at low price from these two companies.

These 2 company sells 5 liter and 10-liter oxygen concentrators as well as portable high-quality oxygen concentrators.

Also, those who want to rent Oxygen Concentrator can rent Oxygen Concentrator from these companies on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis at a low cost.

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