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Islam Oxygen Cylinder Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

(5 customer reviews)


The quality of Islam Oxygen Cylinder is very advanced and is currently the cheapest price Medical Oxygen Cylinder.At present the price of a full set of Islam Oxygen cylinder in the market of Bangladesh is only 10500 taka.

This price is truly incredible, which is playing an important role in meeting the demand for low cost medical oxygen for the lower and middle class people of Bangladesh.

About of Islam Oxygen Cylinder :

  1. (portable oxygen cylinder) The Islam oxygen cylinder contains 2,000 liters of oxygen. It is an oxygen cylinder of iron made by advanced technology which is 45% lighter than an oxygen cylinder made of ordinary iron or steel. This oxygen cylinder of Islam is a portable oxygen cylinder.
  2. (Oxygen flow capacity) The 2,000 liters of pure medical oxygen in the cylinder can be used for 24 hours with a flow of 1 liter per minute and 12 hours with a flow of 2 liters.And when oxygen is exhausted from the oxygen cylinder The Islam company’s refueling center has the facility to refuel oxygen at a nominal price. This cylinder remains very light even after refilling, which is travel friendly.An oxygen cylinder contains 1 to 15 liters of oxygen flow. You can increase or decrease the oxygen flow as needed. However, in this case, follow the doctor’s advice.
  3. (Free accessories) With the purchase of an Islam Oxygen Cylinder, you get a free oxygen flow meter, nasal cannula, oxygen max, oxygen trolley, and refilled liquid medical oxygen in the cylinder.An oxygen cylinder cannot be used without all these accessories.So by providing all these accessories for free, the oxygen cylinder became very Useful for user person.
  4. (Usability) Usually a hand-operated key that the patient can turn and turn with the hand. It is designed to be used at home, in the hospital and anywhere.This cylinder is very easy to set up, but the buyer does not have to set it up when purchasing an Islam oxygen cylinder. The company hands over the complete set to the buyer in a usable condition.Those who want to get alternative services like Oxygen Concentrator at a very low price can also use it. According to Bangladeshi doctors, this Islam Oxygen Cylinder is a quality oxygen cylinder available online at low cost.
  5. (Advanced home delivery service) The people who will buy this product, Products will be delivered to the home through superfast home delivery within one hour in Dhaka City. And all over Bangladesh outside Dhaka City, the product will be delivered to the customer’s home within 12 hours through our company’s own delivery team.
  6. (Product Advantace) Human oxygen cylinders require pure oxygen to be used in hospitals, cars, homes, for higher altitudes, or for short-term outdoor activities. Islam Oxygen Cylinder is a premium or smart quality cylinder. Great for people who need to use oxygen at home, in the hospital, in the car, outdoors and at higher altitudes. Islam Oxygen Cylinder is an amazing product for oxygen users whose operating system is very simple and it is very light. Islam oxygen cylinders are widely used in hospitals, at home, and for those who need long-term oxygen use.

Some customer questions ‍about islam oxygen cylinder:

  1. How do you sell Islam Oxygen Cylinder at such a low price?  Islam Oxygen Cylinder is a Bangladeshi company whose aim is to provide high quality medical oxygen cylinders to the people at low cost. To achieve this objective, the company has been selling price islam oxygen cylinders in the Bangladesh market for only Tk. 10,500. You will get this 10500 taka high quality oxygen cylinder, oxygen flow meter box and trolley.
  2. Is it possible to rent Islam Oxygen Cylinder from here? Yes we do rent provide Islam oxygen cylinders.We do rent provide Oxygen Cylinders for people who do not have the desire or ability to purchase Oxygen Cylinders or have to use them for a short period of time. Also anyone can rent oxygen cylinders from us for any subject. The Oxygen market do provide oxygen cylinders rents on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. All over Bangladesh, including the capital Dhaka, the weekly oxygen cylinder price rent is only taka 2,500, the fortnightly is only taka 3,500 and the monthly rent is only taka 6,000.

We are selling Islam Oxygen Cylinder produced by advanced quality technology. Which is being used by patients suffering from respiratory diseases like COPD, asthma, hypoxia, etc. Also for those who suffer from asthma, heart problems, those who suffer from obesity problems, to relieve fatigue, for pregnant mothers, Islam oxygen cylinders are also being widely used for children and the elderly. So if you need this product, you can buy it today or rent it. Islam Oxygen Cylinder Price 10500/- taka in Bangladesh and rent price 2500 taka to 6000 taka. Call this number 01719677318 for details.

5 reviews for Islam Oxygen Cylinder Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

  1. Ali Ahmed Limon

    This is a life saver product of very good quality. My FIL with chronic asthma has been using it during emergencies for the last 8 months. The only challenge is refill, but it’s a local nuance.

  2. Nahid Olivia

    Product package includes one prefilled cylinder one trolly & all required accessories. It was delivered in safe & nice packaging. Very easy to operate & convenient to tranaport. Seller is also very humble & helpful in case any difficulty in operation.

  3. Sarzin Tanjila Sunny

    Best Oxygen Cylinder,Excellent packing.
    Beauty of the product is that it can be operated with finger.
    Best accessories including pressure meter. It lets you know how much Oxygen is there in the cylinder. When I measured Cylinder was full at approx 2000 ltrs.

  4. Timotheo Sokoni John

    frankly i was lucky to use it it is great product. light weight and easy. cost is also compatible with other products.

  5. admin

    Very nice Product. This is very use full for me. Thanks for you Quality Product.

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