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Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh

(5 customer reviews)


Brand: Linde Bangladesh
Height : 3 feet
Weight: 16 KG.
Color: Black and White.
Size: Medium and standard.
Presser : 2000+ liter.
Up to 15-liter min.
Orijen: Bangladesh
Warranty: Lifetime
Purity: 95%+Cylinder Capacity: 1.36 Cubic Meter.
Backup time: per minute of 2-liter use, you will use 12 Hours non Stop!

Need Oxygen Cylinder some Documents Required Given Bellow:
Doctor’s Prescription & Recommendation (for continuous use of medical oxygen at home)
Copy of National ID/Passport/Driving License

Linde Oxygen Cylinder best price and usable medical oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh.

At present, the price of a complete Linde Oxygen cylinder ‍set in Bangladesh is only 18,500/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh. So buy the Linde Oxygen Cylinder you need today contact Oxygen Bazar.

About the Linde Oxygen Cylinder  Bangladesh:

  1. (Oxygen Cylinder) An oxygen cylinder is a metal bottle made of iron to hold liquid medical oxygen. Inside which oxygen is kept at high pressure. The cylinder can hold a large amount of liquid medical oxygen as a result of high pressure.
  2. (Oxygen holding capacity) Given 1 liter of oxygen flow per minute, a medium type of oxygen cylinder can provide oxygen to the patient for approximately 20 to 22 hours.Oxygen flow can be increased from 1 to 15 liters per oxygen cylinder. (Caution: It is very important to consult a doctor to diagnose flow from oxygen cylinder in case of patient.)
  3. (Portable Cylinder) A trolley is attached to a Linda Oxygen Cylinder, with 2 wheels attached to this trolley. As a result, with the help of hand, it can be taken to any land from flat land to hilly land in a very comfortable way.So it can provide oxygen to the patient anywhere.
  4. (Advantage) Many times the level of oxygen in our body is lower than normal due to various physical ailments. And then the doctor tells us to take oxygen. And in our linden the oxygen cylinder delivers uninterrupted oxygen at certain times. And this will make up for your lack of oxygen.
  5. (Delivery) With the purchase of this product, we provide super fast home delivery service in just 1 hour in Dhaka city and in just 12 hours anywhere in Bangladesh. We have specially trained delivery team.
  6. (Security Guarantee) First the Linda Oxygen Cylinder will have an O2 seal on it. Secondly, this cylinder has ISO standard number on it and the refill date and expiration date will be given on the cylinder. Which will prevent user safety risks and indicate the exact duration of use.

How do you use a Linda Oxygen Cylinder at home?

When you purchase an oxygen cylinder you will be given a refilled cylinder, a flow meter box and a trolley. In the flowmeter box you will find 1 nozzle canola, 1 Hugh Medify module, 1 oxygen Mask, and 1 oxygen flow meter.
First you need to remove the cover attached to the mouth of the oxygen cylinder. You will then attach the oxygen flow meter to the head of the oxygen cylinder. To attach, the upper nut should be rotated to the right. This flow meter of oxygen has to be firmly attached to the cylinder.

Then open the Humanify model. After opening, fill it with pure water up to the water level stain. After filling with water, cover the face tightly. Now connect the humanify module to the flow meter.

Connect the oxygen flow meter with the oxygen Mask or nasal canola that you need. We applied Oxygen Mask. After installing the Oxygen Mask we noticed that there is a key with the cylinder and a key with the flow meter has a total of 2 keys.

Before opening the key attached to the oxygen cylinder, we need to make sure that the flowmeter key is closed. Thus after opening the first key we will see that the cut of the flow meter attached to the cylinder is determining the amount of oxygen.

After that the patient or the person who will be given oxygen therapy should be given the oxygen Mask.

This time I will diagnose the oxygen flow according to the doctor’s instructions with the second key attached to the flowmeter. Here 1 to 15 liters of oxygen flow can be given.

So this theme we have tried to explain to you how to use Linde Oxygen Cylinder. Even after that if you have any kind of problem to set up your oxygen cylinder. Our technician team will come to your home and set up your oxygen cylinder.

Below are 2 questions and answers to our 10 Oxygen Cylinder Buyers:

  1. Why do you sell Linde company’s oxygen cylinders at a much higher price than other companies’ oxygen cylinders?  And since it is ISO recognized, it is world class. Therefore, the company authorities have officially set the retail price of Linde Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh at only Taka 21,420.
  2. Do you sell oxygen cylinders as well as rent oxygen cylinders? We rent oxygen cylinders. You can rent oxygen cylinders from us on weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. Oxygen cylinder rent is only 2500/- taka on weekly basis, only 3500/- taka on fortnightly fare and 6000/- taka on monthly rent.

Contact us 01719677318 if you need this product and rent services.


3 Fitt


18 KG

Capacities or Gas Pressure:

1800to 2000 ltr

Flow Rate:

1 to 15 LPM

5 reviews for Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price in Bangladesh

  1. Amadou Guindo

    The “Linde Oxygen cylinder”, 20000 Litres capacity light weight Alluminium Cylinder is Excellent product. It’s worth value for the money paid. Initially I bought the Cylinder with full breathing kit including Humidifier & Trolley on 14/07/2020. Later on acquired the spare cylinder too.
    I highly recommend to go for this product from this trust worthy manufacturer “Linde Oxygen Ltd, Hissar, Haryana.

  2. পান্না বিশ্বাস

    So far so good. I bought, I am getting good service, you also buy.

  3. S M Rafiqul Islam

    Really liked the product. Easy to assemble and use. Very good customer support. Wud surely recommend.

  4. Mamun AL Mahin

    My mum recently had a bypass surgery and we noticed that she had a very tough time breathing just before she was discharged from the hospital.

    One of the next steps that doctors suggested was to extend her stay in there by 2 days, but she just didn’t want to stay tehre even for a minute longer, since she ahd been there for 10 days already.

    At that time we decided to move back to home, but have some Oxygen arrangements at home just in case. I ordered this product at 9:00 PM from hospital, and it showed that it will take close to a one hours for it to be delivered. It was though delivered within 1 days in top condition.

    It took 5 minutes, top, to assemble everything and get it right next to my ma’s bed and have it ready whenever she needed.

    it was delivered so soon, gave us a lot of confidence.

    I want to thank the trader, manufacturer and delivery team involved.

  5. Mehedi Hasan

    I ordered this for my mother, as she wanted something that she could lift in and out of her car alone. While she has oxygen machines, she has to use tanks for her rehabilitation workouts and they would only provide her with a holder that held two tanks which was quite heavy. She seems happy with this one due to it being safer with no empty edges during use and it being much lighter than the old one.

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