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Metlife Plus Medical Air Mattress

(3 customer reviews)


Metlife plus medical air mattress are used in hospital and home care patients. In this case, these beds are very useful for patients who are at risk of ulcers. Metlife plus medical air mattress price 4500/- taka in Bangladesh. Call this number 01719677318 if you want to purchase this product.

The price of metlife plus medical air mattress used for recovery and comfort of patients is only 4500/- taka in Bangladesh.

Medical air mattress is an alternative pressure mattress, which is used for comfort of patients. Medical air mattresses are used for patients who have to stay in bed for 15 hours or more each day.

Metlife plus medical air mattress all specification :

  1. Brand: Dulife Care AG.
  2. Model : Metlife Plus.
  3. Made By : PRC.
  4. Product Type : Medical air mattress.
  5. Weight : NA.
  6. Color : Blue.

MetLife Plus Medical Air Mattress is very useful in the treatment and prevention of patients at risk of ulcers.
The Medical Air Mattress Compact Alternating and Lightweight Pressure Pad is made up of a 2.5 inch tall cell. It is also used as an alternative to heavy products like gel overlay mattresses.It is very useful for short term use and very easy to use and hassle free.

MetLife Plus Medical Air Mattress full Benefits :

           Mattress : 

  • Maximum patient weight : 130 kg.
  • Dimension : 200x90x6.4 cm.
  • Material : Medical-grade PVC.
  • Alternating : 1 in 2.
  • Weight : 2.3 kg.
  • Cell Height : 2.5″x130 pcs of bubbles.Pump :
  • Weight : 1.4 kg.
  • Supply Voltage : AC 230V, 50/60 Hz, 120V, 60Hz
  • Dimension : 23.7 x 11.2 x 9.5 cm.
  • Operating Cycle : 9.6 mins (230V); 8mins(120V); 2.5″ Bubble pad Overlay.
  • Case Material : Flame retardant ABS.

Customer’s question:

  1. Which is the best medical air mattress in Bangladesh? The best medical air mattress in Bangladesh is MetLife Plus Medical Air Mattress.
  2. What is the price of MetLife Plus Medical Air Mattress in Bangladesh? The price of MetLife Plus Medical Air Mattress in Bangladesh is only 4500/- taka.

3 reviews for Metlife Plus Medical Air Mattress

  1. Hossain MD Mofassal

    This is a great product well priced. Quality equipment, I would purchase again.

  2. Asif Mohammad

    My son was struggling with a sore from his lower back due to a recent Spinal cord injury, but using this bed was the best thing I could of purchased. Made a big difference in my sons life and he was able to sleep with complaining about pain.
    Great product.

  3. MD Alauddin

    I use it for my mother in law. I like it a lot because it is silent, the previous one she has it was too noisy. Sometimes I look at it, to verify that is on. The price was very reasonable.

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