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Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with Tube & Oxygen Bag

(5 customer reviews)


There are 4 important parts involved with this mask. These are a reservoir bag, mask, 2, 3 and one way valve and a tube. The price of a Non Rebreather oxygen mask is only 450/- taka in Bangladesh.Call our official number 01719677318 to purchase this mask.

A Non-Rebreather oxygen mask is a very important medical product. Which is needed to provide oxygen in an emergency. This mask can be used in the case of a 10-liter oxygen concentrator, and it can be used in any oxygen cylinder. However, the level of oxygen flow in the cylinder should be above 5 liters per minute. At present, the price of a Non-Rebreather oxygen mask in Bangladesh is only 450/- taka.

Non Rebreather oxygen mask full specification :

  1. Price: 450/- taka.
  2. Brand: Venticare.
  3. Model: RS-1680 High concentration mask.
  4. Operating Mode: Throught Oxgen Flow Meter.
  5. Mask Size: S, M, L, XL (Pediatric, Adult).
  6. Mask Color : Transparent or Green.
  7. Reservoir Bag Capacity : 1L (1000ml).

These masks provide a high concentration of oxygen to the patient.These masks have a swivel connector, which ensures uninterrupted oxygen flow to the patient and also provides maximum comfort while receiving oxygen.

Non Rebreather oxygen mask all facility :

  • This mask provides high concentration of oxygen.
  • It is a mask that is soft and supple. Which can be comfortably fitted over the patient.
  • It has an elastic whip. Which is used for the best fit.
  • This is a transparent PVC mask. Which is a clear visualization of the patient Enables to.
  • It contains a swivel connector design bag. Which ensures uninterrupted oxygen flow to the patient.
  • It has a flexible nose clip. This clip helps keep the mask in place.

Customer questions :

  1. Is the price of high density,  oxygen mask too high in Bangladesh? In Bangladesh, the price of high density, oxygen mask is very low. A high density non rebreather oxygen mask price only 450/- taka in Bangladesh.

5 reviews for Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask with Tube & Oxygen Bag

  1. Azizul Islam Bayazid

    My dad was treated for Covid19, and when he was discharged, he had to continue oxygen treatment at home. This mask was well designed and very comfortable for him.

  2. Rasel Ahamd

    Needed to replace my old masks for O2. Found these. They are exactly like my OEM ones that came with the bottles. Will buy more!

  3. Eklasur Rahman

    Medicare would only supply a nose cannula. Dad needed a little more from time to time and this did the trick.

  4. Faruk Hossain Rohan

    Have an oxygen machine at home but only had one mask, bnought these so each of my sons could use machine if needed, plus extras for other family members. Would buy from seller again.

  5. Nusrat Jahan Rosta

    I don’t know about other bad reviews but for me, it works perfectly fine. It fits, it’s cheap, and it does the job.

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