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Meet’s Pro Semi-Automatic Portable Suction Machine

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Semi-Automatic Portable Suction machine is known as aspirator. This suction machine is used to remove obstructions of substances like blood, saliva, mucus and vomit from the respiratory tract. Semi-Automatic Portable Suction Machine Price 8400/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh. Call this number 01719677318 if you want to purchase this product.

The price of a Semi-Automatic Portable Suction Machine to help keep the airways clean and breathe is only 8400/- taka in Bangladesh.

Semi-Automatic Portable Suction Machine is a kind of medical device. Which helps a person to breathe by creating a clean airway by removing obstructions like blood, saliva, mucus, and secretions from a person’s airways.

Semi-Automatic Portable Suction Machine all specification :

  1. Brand : Meet’s Pro.
  2. Material : Plastic.
  3. Type : Suction Machine.
  4. Application : Medical.
  5. Operation Mode : Semi-Automatic.
  6. Pump Type : Piston Pump.
  7. Continuous Working Time : 0-30 Min.
  8. Maximum Negative Pressure : 0.075 MPa.
  9. Power Consumption : 90 Watt.
  10. Noise : 60 dB.

The suction machine creates a negative pressure, this negative pressure creates a vacuum effect and draws vomit, blood, saliva and mucus from the throat.Through this medium it cleans the airways.To create negative pressure and to remove mucus from the trachea, Semi-automatic portable suction machines rely on a number of technologies.

These technologies include disposable rechargeable batteries, vacuum pumps,Sterile tubing and filters. As a result of using all these technologies, the efficiency of this suction machine is much higher. The benefits are highlighted below.

Semi-Automatic Portable Suction Machine full Advantages :

  • The suction machine has a vacuum pump. Through which the suction machine creates negative pressure. Negative pressure helps to bring out the vomit, blood and saliva inside. Which helps the patient to breathe by clearing the airways.
  • Disposable or rechargeable batteries are fitted in the suction machine. This battery gives the machine the ability to suction. When power lines are not available from any reliable place. This allows the suction machine to run on its own battery power.
  • It has a filter to protect against dangerous gases and dust that can damage the suction machine. Which helps patients to get pollution free services.
  • Sterile tubing is used to treat blood, fluid removal, and lactation. Sterile tubing is very important for Saxon in a patient.
  • This suction machine has a power card. Through which a user can use the power card to charge the machine from any place where there is electricity connection. As a result, even if the charge of the suction machine is over, the suction can be started again with the charge.

Customer’s question :

  1. Which is the best suction machine in Bangladesh? The best suction machine in Bangladesh is the semi-automatic portable suction machine of Mitt Pro brand.
  2. How much does a portable suction machine price in Bangladesh? The price of a portable suction machine in Bangladesh has started from 8400/- taka.

3 reviews for Meet’s Pro Semi-Automatic Portable Suction Machine

  1. Nondito Jati

    Please make sure to use shorter duration s,not to allow machine over heated.

  2. Abdullah Al Mamun

    Easy too use Good product.

  3. Imranul Islam Rahat

    Nice sturdy portable machine. Recommended

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