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Wheel Chair Rent in Dhaka Bangladesh

(3 customer reviews)


We are all over Bangladesh and Dhaka, provide Wheel Chair for rent. Contact us if you need to rent Wheel Chair in Dhaka . We have 7 days, 15 days and 30 days package for Wheel Chair rent. Wheel Chair Rent price Weekly 1500/- taka Fortnight 3000/- taka Monthly 5000/- in Bangladesh. If you want to take this rent service you can call this number 01719677318.

Do you want to rent a wheelchair? We provide rent wheelchairs all over Bangladesh on a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis.Weekly wheelchair rent price is 1500/- taka, fortnightly rent is 3000/- taka and monthly rent is 5000/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Features of wheelchair used for rent :

  1. Brand Name: Long Wang.
  2. Model : 809SPD03.
  3. Type : Wheelchair.
  4. Color : Black and White.
  5. Size : Standard.
  6. Weight : 14 KG.
  7. Function : Folding.
  8. Materal : Chromed steel frame.

Product Interpretation :

  • Hamdle.
  • Armrest.
  • Hand Rim.
  • Seat Cushion.
  • Brace.
  • Calf strap.
  • Solid front wheel.
  • Pedal.

Product Size.

  1. At the time of use : 88 CM Height and 91 CM width.

(Note : Wheelchair brands can be customized according to customer requirements.)

There are several benefits to renting a wheelchair. Notable benefits include: If you need a wheelchair for a certain period of time. In that case, renting a wheelchair can save you extra money. The service that a new wheelchair can offer you, A rented wheelchair can also provide you with the same services.

Customer questions : 

  1. Which company rents wheelchairs in Bangladesh? Oxygen Bazar provide wheelchair rental throughout Bangladesh at 1500/- taka per week, 3000/- taka per fortnight, and 5000/- taka per month. This company provides high-quality wheelchair rentals. The company also has the facility to change the wheelchair according to the needs of the customer.

Wheel Chair Service in Dhaka Bangladesh – Free Home Delivery.

Get EmergencyWheel Chair Bed Rent Service in Dhaka Bangladesh and Take Free Home Delivery in Dhaka City within 60 Minutes – +8801719677318. Free Home Delivery available only for ALL Packages.

Wheel Chair Rent price List in Bangladesh : 

Wheel Chair Rent – Weekly –1500/- Taka.

Wheel Chair Rent – 15 Days – 3000/- Taka.

Wheel Chair Rent – Monthly – 5000/- Taka.

3 reviews for Wheel Chair Rent in Dhaka Bangladesh

  1. Sajeda Akter Jahan

    This is an excellent product. It was easy to assemble and arrived quickly. I find it very easy to self-propel on a variety of floor surfaces, including carpeting. The leg extension feature is great, as I have a broken ankle and must keep my leg extended. The chair is easy to push and very sturdy. The 16″ wide seat allows this chair to fit easily through standard-sized doors in our home.The cut-away arms allow me to work at a desk on the computer or sit close enough at a table to eat meals.

  2. Zakia Khanom Tisha

    Thanks for all the great reviews that helped me choose this amazing chair. It is perfect for someone recovering from knee replacement surgery. The legs elevate well and it is sturdy yet comfortable.

  3. Farshid Ibn Afzal Fahim

    Broke my left heel. Needed this chair badly. Works great and it was delivered fast. Thank you Medline and oxygenbazar.

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