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Floright Adult Oxygen Mask Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

(5 customer reviews)


Floright Adult Oxygen Mask is a suitable mask to use at home, hospital, clinic. At present the price of this Oxygen mask is only 299 taka. Call this number 01719677318 to purchase this product.

The Floright Adult oxygen mask is a gas transfer medium that carries oxygen from the oxygen cylinder and concentrator to the lungs.at this time the Floright Adult Oxygen Mask total price 299 taka in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Oxygen mask are used when our body is not able to absorb enough oxygen by breathing in the air.For example, used in the treatment of lung and heart disease.

Floright Adult oxygen mask full specification :

  1. Product Type : Adult.
  2. Material : PVC.
  3. Model : DS401.
  4. Brand : Floright.
  5. Usage : Home, Clinic, Hospital.

The Oxygen Mask is designed to be comfortable to use on the nose and face.As a result, it ensures the supply of oxygen directly to the lungs from the oxygen concentrator and the oxygen cylinder.If the level of oxygen in someone’s body decreases. The mask is easy to use to recover from such a condition.

It has comfortable fit for long time use, and soft edges.When oxygen is supplied to the lungs through this oxygen mask, There is no harm in supplying oxygen.This mask comes with a 3 meter long tube. Which is designed to be light in weight.

Some advantages of Floright Adult oxygen mask:

  1. When delivering oxygen to patients during spontaneous breathing, it ensures 60 percent oxygen flow.
  2. It is transparent and fits a wide range of face shapes.

Customer’s question :

  • What is the price of Oxygen Mask in Bangladesh? In Bangladesh, the price of Oxygen Max has started from 299/- Taka. At this price you can buy high quality masks.



Hospital, Clinic, Home





5 reviews for Floright Adult Oxygen Mask Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

  1. Hafiz Omor

    It works to allow a break from having the oxygen through just a nose piece.

  2. Ramjan Hossain Nahid

    It fit the machine I had which was great

  3. Babu Siraz

    My mother has COPD and is on an oxygen concentrator. She got such bad blood noses and sores on her nose from the cannula that I was looking for a mask option. I bought this on a whim as I’ve bought 2 other masks that she did not like. SHE LOVES THIS MASK. It doesn’t make her feel like she’s suffocating and because of the open air spaces, her face isn’t dripping condensation! BEST FIND EVER!

  4. Sheikh Naim

    My boyfriend just left the hospital after 2 months critical care and is new to oxygen at home. We ordered so many masks that did not even pass the oxygen!! Scary….so this one was our last attempt to get him off of the cannula. Perfect size!! Perfect fit!! Sturdy!! Great hose!! And most importantly, delivered his oxygen perfectly without having to turn the liters up. The relief on his face was my relief too. So glad we tried this one before giving up….literally a life saver!! Great job 😁 we will be ordering again

  5. Mohammad Sohel Uddin

    This mask was exactly what I needed. I am on 02 24/7 and I have had trouble at night. I bought the mask and have it connected to my concentrator and wear it at night because I am a mouth breather. This covers my nose and mouth. Perfect!!

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