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Standard Patient Bed

(3 customer reviews)


The role of a patient bed is very important in recovering from illness and injury.This bed allows the patient to stay at home instead of in the hospital as required,Helps in sleep and rest. The price of such an important Standard patient bed is only 29000/- taka in Bangladesh. Call us at this official number 01719677318 to purchase this product.

The standard patient’s bed is 36 inches wide and 80 inches long. The overall dimensions of this bed are 36 inches and 84 inches.At present the price of a patient bed is 29000/- taka in Bangladesh.

Standard patient bed all specification :

  1. Brand : Anbo.
  2. Model Number : B15010V.
  3. Used For : Home and Hospital.
  4. Specific Use : Hospital Bed.
  5. Type : HOspital Furniture.
  6. Material : Metal.
  7. Metal Type : Iron.
  8. Carrying Capacity : 150-240 KG.
  9. Mattress 12cm(h).
  10. Castor locking system : Yes.
  11. Dalivery time : 1 days (In dhaka city), 73 Hours(All over Bangladesh)

Patients who need health care need standard patient beds. These beds have special features attached for the patient’s well-being, comfort, and convenience of the healthcare staff.

Standard patient bed Full Benefits :

  • This bed can be easily adjusted. It can be easily moved up and down, which helps the patient to get out of bed.
  • It is very important for the patient to rest and get a good night’s sleep. This hospital bed helps the patient to sleep comfortably and adjusts the position.
  • Many patients prefer to stay at home rather than stay in the hospital. The standard patient bed allows the patient to stay at home despite physical illness and mobility problems.
  • This bed has been designed keeping in mind the safety of the patient. There are rails on both sides of this bed. Which helps prevent the patient from falling out of bed. These rails also allow the patient to adjust and hold something for comfort.

We sell different types of hospital beds. The most notable hospital bed is the Standard patient bed.Any patient can use this bed. At present we are selling this patient bed all over Bangladesh for only the price 29000/- taka.

Our company provides products 24 hours a day based on the needs of the patient. If anyone needs this hospital bed, call our official number.We will deliver the goods within 1 to 24 hours in Dhaka. And we deliver the goods all over Bangladesh within 72 hours through our own delivery team.


3 reviews for Standard Patient Bed

  1. Mondal Tama

    This is much better than my insurance company paid for. It works great. Easy to set up and doesn’t take long to inflate. The pump is bigger with a lot more options than the one I had before and I’m very pleased that it has a 2 yr warranty.

  2. Saikat Sen

    The mattress pump system has been running constantly for a month, and has worked perfectly. I got it because the patient could feel the hospital bed slats through the provided mattress. I put this on top and no more complaints.
    The changes in pressure are subtle enough that it’s not noticeable. No signs of pressure sores and the redness due to a hospital stay has resolved. I’d recommend this pressure mattress and buy it again.

  3. Ashish Biswas

    Wanted to get ahead of the game for my 82 year old grandma. She goes through cycles where she doesnt want to leave her bed for a few days at a time. She said the highest setting was too firm, so we tried different pressures and she liked the half-way setting the best.

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