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Nitrous Oxide for Medical Uses in Dhaka Bangladesh

European Standard :

* Min. 98% pure (in gaseous Phase)
* CO2 < 300 PPM
* CO < 5 PPM
* NOx < 2 PPM
* H2O < 67 PPM

Bangladeshi Standard :

* 98% v/v N2O in gaseous phase
* < 300 PPM CO2
* < 10 PPM CO
* < 2 PPM NO NOx
* No PPM of H2O impurities only chemical test


Oxygen Bazar offers clients an array of nitrous oxide which is widely used in surgeries and dentistry. Nitrous Oxide price in Dhaka Bangladesh. Developed in compliance with international quality standards, nitrous oxide is also used to relieve pain associated with childbirth, trauma, and heart attacks.


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