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Life Care Compressor family Nebulizer Machine

(3 customer reviews)


Life Care Compressor Family Nebulizer is a very effective solution for patients with Respiratory Illness.Using this nebulizer, a patient can take the medicine directly into his lungs.This allows them to get rid of their symptoms and breathe more easily. Life Care Compressor Family Nebulizer Machine Price 2999/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh.Contact this number 01719677318 to purchase this product.

Life Care Compressor Family Nebulizer Machine is a compact compressor nebulizer machine for supplying medicines. At this time Life Care Compressor Family Nebulizer Machine Price 2999/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh.


This machine produces fog from liquid medicine. Through which the lungs can absorb the drug very quickly. These nebulizers are usually electrically powered and are portable.

Life care compressor family nebulizer machine full specification :

  1. Brand Name : Ianze.
  2. Model Number : Lanze-RJ-2.
  3. Power Source : Electric.
  4. Application : For Home & Hospital Use.
  5. Power Supply Mode : Plug-in.
  6. Material : ABS, Plastic.
  7. Instrument Classification : Class 2.
  8. Product name : Compressor Nebulizer.
  9. Quality Certification : SGS, ce.
  10. Weight : 1.8kg.
  11. Certification : CE ISO.
  12. Safety Standard : None.
  13. Max pressure : 2.5-3.0 bar.
  14. Operation pressure : 0.801.0 bar.
  15. Free air flow : >0.72m³/h.
  16. Motor work life : 3000 hours.
  17. Mode of Operation : Non-Stop.
  18. Medication Size : 3-5um.
  19. Mabulizer Rate : >0.30ml/min.
  20. Sound level : <54dB(A).
  21. Size : 297*180*108 mm.

There are many ways for drugs to enter our bodies effectively. But Doctors tell us to use life care nebulizer depending on our health needs, circumstances, and the nature of the illness. However, many asthma and bronchitis patients use this nebulizer for their needs.There are many advantage to using a life care nebulizer.

Life care compressor family nebulizer machine ‍five Advantage :

  • Life Care Compressor Nebulizer is considered to be the most effective remedy for respiratory diseases and disorders.It is a nebulizer that can be used to treat any pharmaceutical substance. It can even be used for antibiotics and hormone therapy.These nebulizers have oil-free durable pistons, and dry and heavy motors. Which can provide reliable and uninterrupted service to the patient.
  • This machine creates a strong flow of air, which goes into the nebulizer through a tube.When air enters the nebulizer.It then converts the liquid of the drug prescribed for one breath into a small aerosol mist.This Life care nebulizer machine makes the task much easier and delivers the medicine quickly to the patient’s lungs.
  • Life Care Family Nebulizer Compressor Nebulizer is an effective nebulizer for delivering pharmaceutical substances directly into the lungs of patients with bronchitis, asthma, COPD and various diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract.
  • This nebulizer machine can be used by anyone. This includes the elderly, children and the severely weak.
    5.As a result of taking the drug with Life Care Family Nebulizer, the risk of side effects of the drug is reduced. Side effects that a person may experience as a result of taking oral medication. Such as: shivering, heart palpitations and headaches. As a result of taking it with nebulizer, such side effects are greatly reduced.

Customer’s questions:

  1. Which is the most suitable nebulizer machine for everyone? What is the price of this machine in Bangladesh? The most suitable nebulizer machine for everyone is Life Care Compressor Nebulizer Machine. And in Bangladesh Life Care Compressor Family Nebulizer machine price is only 2999/- taka.

3 reviews for Life Care Compressor family Nebulizer Machine

  1. Md Forhad Reja

    Excellent product use it as well for Colloidal nano silver, for Asthma, Sinusitis, to recover from Pneumonia.

  2. Khairul Islam Rakib

    This company is absolutely amazing. After my machine stopped working a year after purchasing it they sent me a new one free of charge. I am tears. I can not say thank you enough. This machine is on ke 24/7 because how bad my asthma is. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

  3. Rehan Ahmed

    Mom was diagnosed with Covid so I got her this and she has been putting her saline and diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide in it and it works so easy for her I recommend this one

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