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Smart Foldable Electric Wheelchair

(4 customer reviews)


Those who cannot use hand-powered wheelchairs. They use smart foldable electric wheelchairs powered by electric motors.And it can be easily folded and carried anywhere. At present the price of Smart Foldable Electric Wheelchair in Bangladesh is only 90,000/- taka. Call this number 01719677318 to purchase this product.

Those who are unable to operate wheelchairs by hand. They use Smart Foldable Electric Wheelchair.At this time the price of a Smart Foldable Electric Wheelchair is 90,000/- taka in Dhaka Bangladesh (BD).


The smart foldable electric wheelchair is powered by an electric motor instead of manual power. Used by those who are unable to operate a manual wheelchair. (For example, those who cannot wheelchair drive with their hands.)

Smart Foldable electric wheelchair all specifications:

  1. Overall height :93cm/37 inches.
  2. Overall width : 23 inches.
  3. Overall length : 38 inches.
  4. Floor to seat height : 37 inches.
  5. Max user weight : 130kg.
  6. Top speed : 6 KM.
  7. Mile range (with full charge) : More than 14 kilometers.
  8. Turning Radius : 360-degree smart controller, either right and left.
  9. Motor : Dual 250W powerful motor with manual override clutch.
  10. Battery : 24V 12AH.
  11. Charge : 24 v.
  12. Net weitht : 43 kg.

The Smart Foldable Electric Wheelchair is universally controlled and operated by hand. It comes with a 360-degree rotation system. Which can be controlled by hand.

Slowly there is a button to operate the wheelchair.The battery has a button to turn the power supply on and off which the user can turn on and off with his hand.

If a person, or car, comes near the Smart Foldable Electric Wheelchair while driving a wheelchair. It has a horn to warn them.This wheelchair has an advanced technology called accelerate.Which helps in increasing the speed.

Smart Foldable electric wheelchair Full Facility :

  • (Approved for cars and airline) Our electric wheelchair is approved by airlines and cars. In this case you will always have a security feature by default. This wheelchair is friendly for air and car travel.
  • (It is easy to handle) The smart foldable electric wheelchair folds in 5 seconds and fits easily in the trunk of the car. This is a very convenient wheelchair for traveling and storage. Its seat and back cushions which are used for rest. It can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • (Sustainable) It is made of carbon steel. It also does not require any maintenance.
  • (Usability) Everyone loves this wheelchair because it is smart and foldable electric. It also comes with a high-volume battery, powerful motor, and accelerate.These features provide user safety and usability.

Customer’s question :

  1. Is the price of electronics wheelchair too high in Bangladesh (BD) ? The price of electric wheelchair in Bangladesh (BD) has started from 90,000/- taka. Wheelchairs are available in a variety of prices, and these wheelchairs are priced based on customer demand and quality. However, the price of an electronic wheelchair is not high. The better the wheelchair, the higher the price.

4 reviews for Smart Foldable Electric Wheelchair

  1. Mamun Islam Ra Hat

    The wheelchair is great. Very comfortable and efficient. Able to get around stores.

  2. Angle Takowa

    I have limited mobility. I did a lot of research and finally settled on this chair.
    It arrived very well packaged. Was fully assembled (except for the joystick). The controls are very sensitive, so it takes a little practice. It’s also pretty fast and best of all, quiet. I was surprised at the weight of the chair. For some reason I thought it would be a bit lighter than it is. But then, I’m not exactly a light weight myself, so it can’t be too light. The quality of the chair matches the price. I LOVE MY NEW FREEDOM!!!

  3. Md Monir Uzzaman

    I was truly impressed at how well this wheelchair is to use. It’s very light weight and easy to handle. I purchased it for my parents to use and it’s been a great help to then. At first I didn’t know what to think of the wireless remote but it was very convenient when delivering it to their home. It seems well built and a good deal for the price.

  4. Ahmed Imrul

    This chair is stout! extremely well built. It also looks pretty cool, lol. It maybe only 60-65 lbs, but its an awkward 65 lbs. I am not sure if I can lift it into the car by myself, but i’m not a very strong man. I am sure I won’t ever be going anywhere alone, so I can always get help loading it. I have not tested it outside yet, but I can tell you, this chair is quick, faster than I want to go inside the house. Overall, I give it 5 stars, just would’nt recommend it to someone disabled that plans on loading it unassisted.

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