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Standard Wheelchair

(3 customer reviews)


Powerful, Flooding Standard Wheelchair price only 13900/- taka in Bangladesh. This wheelchair provides safety and comfort to the user. Users who cannot move a wheelchair with their hands. They can also use this wheelchair with the help of others. Call our official number 01719677318 to purchase this Standard wheelchair.

Do you want to buy quality durable and strong framed wheelchair from Bangladesh? We have come up with quality wheelchairs according to your needs. At present, a standard, durable frame Added- Strong wheelchair price only 14,900/- taka in Bangladesh.

Complete specification of Best Standard Wheelchair :

  1. Price : 14900/- taka.
  2. Brand : Manlu.
  3. Model : 809-A013.
  4. Type : Wheelchair.
  5. Product Name : Flodable Manlu Wheelchair.
  6. Function : Health Care Walking Aid.
  7. Feature : Eco-friendly, Lightweight, High safety.
  8. Weight : 12KG.
  9. Weight Capacity : 150 kg.
  10. Brake : Nurse Brake.
  11. Footrest : Detachable Footrest.

Patients enjoy many benefits of using standard wheelchairs. For example, wheelchairs are light in weight and have adequate cushioning that gives the patient the comfort they need. The wheelchair can also be folded and carried anywhere.

Standard Wheelchair full benefits :

  • This wheelchair is made by a high-quality strong steel frame. Which provides security to wheelchair users.
  • This wheelchair has the advantage of flooding and detaching.Which makes it very useful for people with physical disabilities.
  • It contains certificates from organizations like ISO and CE. Those who guarantee quality.
  • This wheelchair is 88 cm high and 91 cm wide.Which becomes a compress after folding.
  • There are 9 notable parts of this wheelchair. Such As: Handle, Armrest, Hand rim, Seat cushion, Brace, Calf Strap, Rear wheel, Solid front wheel, pedal.

Customer’s question : 

  1. Is the price of wheelchair too high in Bangladesh? Standard Wheelchair price only 14900/- taka in Bangladesh. This price is very reasonable. At this price a buyer gets a high quality wheelchair. The height of this hull chair is 88 cm and the width is 91 cm.


Frame Material

Steel Frame

Side Plate

Stainless Steel Plate

Foot Plate


Wheel Type

Spoking Wheel with Solid PVC Rubber Tire

Armrest Support

Fixed armrest with soft sponge top

3 reviews for Standard Wheelchair

  1. Salim Islam

    Stupendous, Superb, Inspirational, Awe-inspiring, Amazing, Sensational, Top tier, Exquisite, Fantastic, Sexy, Satisfactory, Extravagant, Breathtaking, Delicious, Perfect, Exotic, Tremendous, Remarkable, Extraordinary, Marvelous, Imaginative, Fanciful

  2. Fahmida Alam

    This chair improved my Mom’s way of life. It gave her a little bit of her freedom back that she had lost due to medical issues. It has been a big help to my Dad also. Anyone looking for a good wheelchair with a lot of good options, small enough to maneuver around the house and light enough to easily fold and lift into the trunk of a small car. This is a very good choice all around. Debated for too long on which chair to purchase. I’m glad I chose this one. Even better quality than expected.

  3. MD Shoaib Mehedi

    I like it, I need it, I can not afford it… story of my life

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