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Omron Nebulizer NE-C25S Machine

(3 customer reviews)


The Omron nebulizer ne c25s nebulizer is used to treat chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergies and various respiratory ailments. Omron nebulizer ne c25s Machine price 3200/- taka in Bangladesh(BD). Call our office hotline number 01719677318 to purchase this machine.

Omron nebulizer ne c25s machine is a durable nebulizer used for the efficient treatment of allergies, asthma and various respiratory ailments. This Omron nebulizer ne c25s price 3200/-taka in bangladesh.

Omron nebulizer ne c25s full Specification :

  1. Price : 3200 taka.
  2. Manufacturer : Omron.
  3. Item model number : NE-C25S.
  4. Product Dimensions : 17.5 x 15.8 x 10cm.
  5. Item Weight : 1 KG 700 G.
  6. Included Components : Jet air nabulizer, Compressoor, 5 Pieces replacement filters, air tubes, Adult mask, Mouth Piece, Chile Mask, Instruction manual.
  7. Color : White.
  8. Power : 230 V 50Hz.
  9. Power consumption : 75W.
  10. Power source : Electricity.
  11. Medication Capacity : 6ml.
  12. Operating air flow rate : 4.0L/min.
  13. Mmad : 2-6m.
  14. Average nebulization rate : 0.25 ml.
  15. particle size : 2-6m.

When we have COPD, asthma and various diseases of the lungs. Then the doctor told us to use the nebulizer machine. This nebulizer is a small medical product.There are many benefits to using it, especially since it turns liquid medicine into fog. You sit next to this machine and apply the attached mask to your face.

After that, if you breathe deeply for 10 to 15 minutes, the liquid medicine that has become foggy will flow into your lungs. So now we will highlight the Benefits of this machine in the form of points.

Omron nebulizer ne c25s all Benefits :

  • Omron Nebulizer can be taken anywhere, (Travelable).Usable in a little space and its parts are very close.
  • When a person takes the pill, the same medicine takes 30 minutes to start working.But when you take the same pill with the nebulizer. This medicine takes only 5 minutes to start working.
  • For example, many people complain of headaches and heart palpitations after taking medicine.When taking medicine through this nebulizer, the side effects of the medicine are reduced.
  • This type of nebulizer can be used by anyone. Such as children, adults and the elderly. It has a battery, which makes the nebulizer usable without electricity.

Top 2 models NE-C28 and NE-C25S of Omron brand Nebulizer Machine Price List in Bangladesh(BD)

Best Omron Nebulizer For Home Use      Latest Price:

  1. Omron Nebulizer NE-C28 Machine :    4200/- taka.
  2. Omron Nebulizer NE-C25S Machine : 3200/- taka.


3 reviews for Omron Nebulizer NE-C25S Machine

  1. Sadhin Tarikul

    this is a much faster and quieter unit than my old nebulizer. Now that I have COPD this makes it easier to use it. I am glad my wife talked me into the new one.

  2. Biplob Biswas

    We have owned several different brands of nebulizers and this one is perfect. I cannot find anything negative to write about it.

  3. Surin Ashshifa Alam

    This nebulizer really works awesome. cheaper to buy from Oxygenbazar than renting a nebulizer from any company. Believe me it’s a good machine, I have COPD and this really helps my breathing.

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