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Oxygen Cylinder Refill Price in Dhaka

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We are providing the best oxygen cylinder refill service with fast delivery. We shall provide 100% pure oxygen at a cheap price Contact us 01719677318 if you need this services. If you have an empty Oxygen Cylinder you can refill it from us and use it again for your patient.

Uninterrupted refueling service is required for uninterrupted oxygen use. We are providing high quality Oxygen cylinder refill service in Dhaka price at 1000 /- taka .

Oxygen cylinder refill is able to fill liquid medical oxygen in the existing empty oxygen cylinder as per the requirement of the customers.

An oxygen cylinder contains 2,000 pressure liters of oxygen. A 2,000 pressure liter liter of oxygen can be used 24 hours a day as 1 liter of flow per minute. And 2 liters per minute flow can be used for about 12 hours. The oxygen flow meter of a cylinder contains 1 to 15 liters of oxygen flow.

Oxygen cylinder refill facilities:

  1. By refilling the oxygen cylinder,An unusable oxygen cylinder can be reused. Which will help in reducing the medical expenses of the customers manifold.

The more that person uses oxygen in the flow, the sooner the oxygen will run out from his cylinder.The oxygen cylinder has to be refilled as soon as the oxygen from the oxygen cylinder runs out. At present we are providing oxygen cylinder refill service inside Dhaka price for 1000/- taka  through Superfast Free Home Delivery to provide uninterrupted oxygen to the customers.

We provide Oxygen Cylinder Refill Service at 50 places in Dhaka. These places are:

  1. Adabor Thana.
  2. Badda Thana.
  3. Banani Thana.
  4. Bangshal Thana.
  5. Biman Bandar Thana.
  6. Cantonment Thana.
  7. Chalkbazar Thana.
  8. Dakshin Khan Thana.
  9. Darus-Salam Thana.
  10. Demra Thana.
  11. Dhanmondi Thana.
  12. Gandaria Thana.
  13. Gulshan Thana.
  14. Hazaribag Thana.
  15. Hatirjheel Thana.
  16. Jatrabari Thana.
  17. Kafrul Thana.
  18. Kalabagan Thana.
  19. Kamrangirchar Thana.
  20. Khilgoan Thana.
  21. Khilkhet Thana.
  22. Kodomtali Thana.
  23. Kotwali Thana.
  24. Lalbagh Thana.
  25. Mirpur Model Thana.
  26. Mohammadpur Thana.
  27. Motijheel Thana.
  28. Mugda Thana.
  29. New Market Thana.
  30. Pallabi Thana.
  31. Paltan Thana.
  32. Ramna Thana.
  33. Rampura Thana.
  34. Rupnagar Thana.
  35. Sabujbag Thana.
  36. Shah Ali Thana.
  37. Shahbag Thana.
  38. Shahjahanpur Thana.
  39. Sutrapur Thana.
  40. Shyampur Thana.
  41. Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Thana.
  42. Tejgoan Industrial Thana.
  43. Tejgoan Thana.
  44. Turag Thana.
  45. Uttara East Thana.
  46. Uttara West Thana.
  47. Uttar Khan Thana.
  48. Vashantek Thana.
  49. Vatara Thana.
  50. Wari Thana.

If you accept refill service from us, you will get oxygen cylinder refill on time.And you don’t have to worry about refueling. After refilling our team of skilled technicians will go to your home. They will go to your home and set up the oxygen cylinder to use.

Customer’s question

  1. How many companies do you provide oxygen cylinder refill services? Oxygen cylinders of three companies are currently sold in the market in Bangladesh. The three companies are Linde Oxygen, Islam Oxygen and China Oxygen. We refill the oxygen cylinders of these three companies.In Dhaka, the refueling price of oxygen cylinder of Linde China and Islam companies is only 1000/- taka.

5 reviews for Oxygen Cylinder Refill Price in Dhaka

  1. Ponuel Biswas

    We have benefited from getting high quality oxygen refill service from you in a fast time.

  2. Kristofer Zico

    Refuel service is very good and also shows the level of oxygen concentration. Got home delivery very fast. Good Service.

  3. Saiful Ahmed

    Fast refill service at fast time.

  4. Moshi Biswas

    Quality refuel service at very low cost.

  5. Sohel Khan

    I bought this regulator. It works fine. I tested it with an oxygen flow meter. It’s spot on accurate as to the liters per minute coming out matching up with whatever setting you choose on the dial.

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