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COPD patient

Care of COPD patient

More than three million people worldwide die each year from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.
In different countries of the world, 8% to 20% of the people are affected by this disease. The incidence rate of this disease in Bangladesh is 12.5%.

Of all the financial costs incurred for all lung diseases, 56% is spent in Bangladesh for the treatment of COPD.COPD is also the third leading cause of death worldwide.

If we are a little conscious and quit smoking, pollution-free environment, regular exercise, and receive the vaccination, we can be free from this disease. So we need to know what is COPD? Next, we need to prevent this disease. And people who are already infected with COPD need the necessary treatment.

What is COPD?

COPD is a chronic respiratory disease but it is preventable. This disease comes to us with various symptoms due to exposure to harmful substances for a long time.

The symptoms and disease are usually seen in people over 40 years of age. However, the onset of the disease is long ago. About 15 to 20 years ago. For example, a person who has been smoking for 20 years, his symptoms appeared many days later.

The main symptoms of this disease are cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing.

Why is COPD disease?

Although there are genetic causes in some cases, COPD is caused by exposure to various harmful substances.
In garments, tobacco, or other industries, airborne substances, car fumes and other pollutants in the air are responsible for COPD.

Smoke from burning wood is another major cause of burning dung or other organic matter. If someone has had a recurrent lung infection in childhood, the risk of developing COPD later increases.

Maternal malnutrition can weaken a baby’s lungs.This weakening of the lungs can later lead to COPD. According to research, the prevalence of this disease is higher in men. However, when women come in contact with these harmful substances,Being attacked more than before.Indirect smokers are also at risk for the disease.

However, it is true that smoking is a major cause of COPD. When someone smokes at home, As a result, people in the house are indirectly at risk of smoking.

What are the problems of the patient with COPD?

A COPD patient suffers in the long run or suffers for a lifetime. This is because the symptoms of this disease can occur many several times a year. This disease can be cured, but the disease cannot be moved. COPD causes increased levels of lung damage over time.

As a result, normal life is disrupted. It may even reduce the patient’s ability to perform daily tasks. On top of that there is the medical cost. Medication is to be taken regularly throughout the year. Also oxygen, inhalers, nebulizers are needed almost all the time. Oxygen therapy requires oxygen cylinder and oxygen concentrator.

And if the problem continues to grow around time, Then the patient has to be admitted to the hospital. However, in many cases, surgery is also needed.

You may also need a life support device. People suffering from this disease suffer from physical and mental problems as well as financial problems.

This disease is a huge threat and burden for the state, starting from the individual to the family. So this disease needs to be prevented.

What to do to prevent COPD:

This disease is very painful.So to survive this disease, the lungs must be protected from exposure to harmful substances in the lungs. In this case smoking must be avoided.

To protect children from this disease, children need to be vaccinated under the immunization program.
To avoid contaminants, We have to wear masks. Garment workers and industrial workers must wear masks.The Bangladesh Government should also take initiatives to reduce the level of air pollution.

The use of organic matter as fuel in cooking should be reduced.We need to ensure a safe and healthy life for women.
And adolescents and pregnant women need to ensure nutrition.

Winter COPD Patient Care:

The suffering of these patients increases during the winter,So COPD patients need to be careful in cold weather.

Adequate winter clothing should be worn at this time, Take a bath with hot water and use a heater in the room if needed.

There is also a difference in temperature between day and night.In such a situation you have to understand the temperature and live.

If the dry air of winter is polluted, it is better for COPD patients not to go outside.

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