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5 Liter Folee Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

(5 customer reviews)


Are you thinking about the price of buying folee oxygen concentrator in Bangladesh? Usually the price of Folee oxygen concentrator in Bangladesh starts from 40,000/- taka.

Folee Oxygen Concentrator All Specifications :

  • Capacity ( Litre per minute) 10 LPM.
  • Model Number : Y007-5.
  • Brand : Folee.
  • Product Type : Portable.
  • Weight (KG) : 17.42.
  • Oxygen concentrator : >=90% at whent the ozygen flow 0.5L/min ~ 10L Min.
  • Operation Mode : Electrical.
  • Voltage : 240V.
  • Filters : Compressor lntake.
  • Display Type : LCD Screen.

Advantages of Folee Oxygen Concentrator:

  1. It has a high quality LCD display screen. Which helps to see the level of oxygen flow.
  2. There are 5 function buttons here. With which various activities can be conducted including controlling the flow of oxygen. Which plays a helpful role in the use of oxygen.
  3. Oxygen outlets are sockets of medical oxygen, Compressed air, nitrous oxide or vacuum and nitrous oxide of oxygen concentrator, acts as a connector as a pressure regulator.So it will help to supply the patient by connecting nitrous oxide.
  4. Folee oxygen concentrator has humidifier bottle. Which can be used to moisturize oxygen, increase humidity, reduce supplemental oxygen dryness during oxygen therapy, and in emergency situations with oxygen supply systems. It helps to supply oxygen as per the need of the patient.
  5. A portable handheld is a means by which an oxygen concentrator can be moved regularly. And it is usually used when holding.Uses Flow Oxygen Concentrator via Portable Handheld Device You can move it anywhere and take it anywhere for use.
  6. Simple geometric design make the operation more comfortable.Design is not only the appearance, but also the ingenuity and ingenuity from the outside to the inside.
  7. wireless remote control, whatever you want.360 degree free remote control, effective within 0-10 meters oxygen can be used as desired , provide with action remote control settings , enjoy oxygen life.

After sales service :

Fast home delivery : After purchasing Oxygen Concentrator from us. In just 1 hour in Dhaka, we deliver Oxygen Concentrator home.Outside Dhaka, we deliver home through our own home delivery team all over Bangladesh in just 12 hours.

Mechanical error : If there is any mechanical problem during use within 1 year after purchase.Our mechanical team will go to your home and solve all the mechanical problems of the concentrator.

So contact us 01719677318 to purchase advanced quality Flow Oxygen concentrator.




1 Year

Maximum Flow


5 reviews for 5 Liter Folee Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

  1. Monisha Biswas

    Excellent build quality! Truly a life saver for asthmatic patients and all medical purposes.it’s amazing product..glad to have it ..

  2. Hazrat Ibn Hasan

    My wife waxes lyrical about this concentrator. She has had two different makes previously and both have eventually failed. She says that this machine is the best she has ever used and it is so quiet and allows her to get a good night’s sleep. There is very little maintenance required, basically keeping the filters clean and replacing them as necessary. My wife does not use the water feature so has no comment on that. She says that if you are in the market for a good quality oxygen concentrator at a fair and reasonable price, buy the Folee oxygen concentrator.

  3. আবির হাসান

    I have purchased as a precautionary measures due to covid-19. Product is Nice and easy to use.

  4. Jacob Bashia

    Genuine product and credible seller, excellent value for money, can’t ask for more. It is very good and easy to use

  5. MD Faruk Sharkar

    The unit is a nice portable size when you need it to be and does well on oxygen. If you are needing one that will flow 4 to 10 l of pure oxygen then search else where but for me it is working since I have removed enough to not need that much oxygen now.

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