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Philips 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

(6 customer reviews)


At present in Bangladesh, lightweight and easy to transport and Respironics one 10 liter Philips Oxygen Concentrator price only 125,000/- taka.


The Philips 10 liter oxygen concentrator is the most reliable and Designed as the highest performing oxygen machine.It is designed to reduce the cost of supplying oxygen to patients who require high doses of oxygen.

10 liter Philips Oxygen Concentrator All its specifications :

  1. Insurance Code- E1390.
  2. size – 58 cm x 38cm x 24cm.
  3. Weight – 24 kg.
  4. Continuous Settings – 1 to 10 LPM.
  5. Oxygen Concentration – 92% (±4%) at 1-2 LPM 94% (±2%) at 3-7 LPM 92% (±4%) at 8-10 LPM.
  6. Openating Altitude – Up to 1368 Feet.
  7. Alarms – High system pressure, low system pressure, power failure, Low Oxygen Level, No Oxygen Flow.
  8. AC Power – 120VAC (±10%) / 60Hz.
  9. Power Consumption – 6000 watts average.
  10. Sound Level – 50 dB.
  11.  Brand – Philips.

There are many oxygen concentrators on the market today that are very heavy, noisy and require frequent maintenance.Philips Oxygen Concentrator is one such Oxygen Concentrator. It provides home care providers with all the features that patients want.

This Philips concentrator is a sophisticated design that helps reduce operating costs. These include: lightweight, small and smooth, easy to store and transport, low maintenance requirements, and quiet.The Philips 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator is part of the right fit which is an accurate and complete portfolio of oxygen products. It is an oxygen concentrator selected and inspired by thousands of patients.

According to patients’ use commentary, Most oxygen concentrators are very heavy weight and require ongoing maintenance by home care providers.

But Philips’ 10-liter design delivers 0.5 to 10 liters of oxygen per minute, And designed with a different set of other oxygen therapy provider features in mind for patients.It weighs only 24 kg which can be easily transported. It has an organic design that takes up very little space.It has a high quality filter. Which uses very little energy and produces less heat. So it is more patient.

10 liter Philips Oxygen Concentrator full Facility :

  1. Patients who need more than 5 liters of oxygen flow per minute by a standard home concentrator most of the time. For them, it is a great oxygen therapy machine.Which will give a very effective and great oxygen therapy solution.
  2. It has an attractive design, which is very efficient and has very few parts compared to other oxygen concentrators. Which ensures its easy use.
  3. This Philips 10 liter concentrator has a twin head compressor. Which is capable of concentrating more than 10 liters of oxygen per minute. This is very useful for patients who need high levels of oxygen.
  4. The Philips 10 liter concentrator is a hassle-free design for maintenance. The Philips 10 Liter features durable construction with high quality castor wheels. Which will be fine 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help reduce the risk of use in any situation.This will keep the user safe during use, And will give longevity in the case of use and build a reliable foundation. This feature will help the patient to receive oxygen therapy in any situation.

You will get time to buy the product:

  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • superfast free home delivery service in 1 hour in Dhaka and Assurance of delivery of goods within 12 hours outside Dhaka.

Customer’s question:

  1. Oxygen Market How much does Philips Oxygen Concentrator sell for in Bangladesh? We are currently selling Philips Oxygen Concentrator in Bangladesh market for only 85,000/- taka.So, it can be said that at present the price of a 10 liter Philips Oxygen Concentrator is only 85,000/- taka in Bangladesh.


Oxygen Purity



58 cm x 38cm x 24cm

6 reviews for Philips 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

  1. Nasima Akter Nisha

    They sent the product well packed, in brand new condition as promised on product page, with stamped invoice and properly filled out warranty card. Seller is authorised distributor. Happy with the service provided so far.

    Product comes with –

    1. Concentrator unit
    2. Humidifier connector pipe will be placed in air filter area which has to be removed and installed. 1 minute job.
    3. Two different nasal cannulas
    4. Humidifier bottle
    5. Documentation like manual, warranty card that should be filled and stamped by distributor, quality verification card filled out by philips.

    Tried for a few minutes and machine worked fine. Got it for 85k. Happy with the purchase experience. Hoping to never have to use it.

  2. Meraj Islam

    I ordered this machine for someone and posting this review after five months usage, This oxygen concentrator from Philips is truly a life saver for asthmatic patients and who ever needs it for medical purposes. It comes with the all the required accessories so it’s like plug ‘n’ play. Genuine seller and Genuine product imported from US. Machine build quality was excellent. My recommendation was please use with good stabiliser. Philips Respironics service centers available in major cities. Finally, value for money and worth purchasing it from Amazon.

  3. MD Saddam Hossen

    Very good product value for money!

  4. Tania Mala

    Great product ease of use. Not as quiet as I expected but overall portable to easily move around. Would recommend

  5. Tania Sultana

    Excellent machine used during operation of csection. Mother and baby given oxygen by this machine and they are doing very well.Recommend.

  6. Abdul Kader

    It is a valuable piece

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