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10 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

(5 customer reviews)


10 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device that delivers oxygen at high concentrations.At this time the price of 10 liter Owgels oxygen concentrator is 72,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

Owgels oxygen concentrator full specification:

  • Model-OZ-10-02TWO
  • Dimension(MM)-325*350*670mm
  • Gross Weight-55kg
  • Function – Oxygen Generation, nebulization, timer
  • 10 Flow Specification- 10L士0.2L
  • Oxygen Concentration – ≥93士3
  • Oxygen Output pressure – 40-60 Kpa
  • Electrical requirements – customized 110-220v
  • Power Consumption – 750W
  • Noise level – ≤53 dB(A)

Owgels oxygen concentrator all advantage :

  1. This concentrator has an LCD display. LCD display is a liquid crystal display. It uses the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals combined with polarizers. Its liquid crystals do not emit light directly. Instead, it uses backlights to create color or monochromatic images.Having an LCD display allows the user to see all the information of the oxygen concentrator clearly.
  2. There is an oxygen flow meter of 1 to 10 liters to reduce and increase oxygen flow. Through this of 1 to 10 liters of oxygen flow can be given.
  3. The 10 liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator provides 93% pure oxygen. Its accuracy can be checked on the display.
  4. It has an intelligent alarm system.Which will alert the user to low pressure, high pressure and power outages.
  5. Attached are 2 humidifier bottles. Which is a medical device, which is used to moisturize oxygen, increase humidity and reduce the complement purity of oxygen during oxygen therapy. It is also used in emergencies along with oxygen supply.Canola or mask humidifier should be used attached to the opposite side of the bottle.
  6. There is a filter box on the back of the oxygen concentrator in left. Which is a very good quality, it will not need to change in 2 years.
  7. It has a steel handle for carrying in left .Which will help you take it anywhere. This allows you help to move it anywhere in the car, hospital, home.

Customer’s question :

  • Is the price of 10 liter and Owgels oxygen concentrator really 80,000/- taka in Bangladesh? Yes, the price of a 10 liter Owgels oxygen concentrator in Bangladesh is only 80,000/- taka. This is the lowest price, with this lowest price you get high quality Owgels Oxygen Concentrator.

So don’t delay, Buy high quality Owgels Oxygen Concentrator at low price today, Contact Number: 01719677318.

Flow Specification Total

10 LPM (Dual 5 LPM each)

Power Consumption

750 Watts



Oxygen Concentration



1 Year

5 reviews for 10 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

  1. Mojibor Rahman

    I have order it for an emergency purpose considering the 3rd Wave. Company reached out and help us with installation process after 15 days of purchase without any question asked.Good Product and service.

  2. Sarker Palash

    This owgels oxygen concentrator is large, quiet, remote- controllable, and efficient. The tank is a barrel with handle, which I can easily grab with one hand to refill with water. There are three levels of mist, there is a timer I can set the run time, and there is a UV light I don’t know what’s for( I haven’t read the Manuel). This is by far the most straight forward owgels got that I don’t have to spend any time to figure out, yet works like a charm. I hope it last a long time!

  3. Milton Samadder

    Good owgels oxygen concentrator for a big room, it has a big tank, I put it in my living room. Very quiet and just need add water once in two days. And it is not too big, just put on my desk. Like it.

  4. Manuel Bairagee

    This owgels oxygen concentrator is really versatile. It is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere and has amazing output. This thing is also so quiet! I had one before that made huge bubble noises as the water level went down which woke up myself or my baby. This one is fantastic! I use it to combat stuffiness in the house, keep static levels down and just overall better health! All three settings are great though I usually keep it on medium as that is sufficient for my bedroom. It was super easy to fill and set up and love that it comes with a little remote so I don’t have to get up to turn it on or off. Overall, I’d say this owgels oxygen concentrator is great!

  5. Jakia Sultana

    I’ve been using this generator for several days now. It arrived quickly and very well packed. An excellent, very up-to-date, O2 generator. Everything in top working condition. –Thank you.

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