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5 Function ICU Bed Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

(4 customer reviews)


The price of 5 function ICU bed is currently 140,000 taka in our Bangladesh. We sell it all over Bangladesh.Contact this number 01719677318 to purchase this ICU bed.

The 5 function fully electric ICU bed is used to provide treatment to the patients receiving medical services in ICU.The price of 5 function icu bed in Bangladesh is only 140,000/- taka.


ICU beds are used for patients in the intensive care unit. This unit provides medical services and care to critically ill people. ICU means intensive care unit. The ICU is also known as the Intensive Therapy Unit and the Critical Care Unit.

5 function icu bed all Specification:

  1. Dimension : 2100*1020*450-700mm.
  2. Capacity: 235 KG.
  3. Brand : HopeFULL.
  4. Material : Metal, Plastic.
  5. Controlling : Electric.
  6. Wheel : 125mm(5″)castors with central braking.
  7. Liem : Multi five function (ICU Electric Hospital Bed).
  8. Function : 5 Function.
  9. Packaging : Carton and Wooden case.
  10. Type : Hospital Furniture.
  11. Handle : It has convenient handles. Which hung above the rails on the side of the control.
  12. Angle to back section : 0-75°.
  13. Angle to knee section: 0-40°.
  14. Trendelenburg and Rev-trendelenburg : 0-12°.
  15. Height Adjustable : 450-700mm.

5 Function Full Electronic Hospital Bed A fully modern and well-equipped ICU bed. This bed can be used comfortably in hospital and at home. It has a smooth lifting system. Which allows the patient and legs, head and knees to raise. Through this the patient gets maximum comfort. Includes integrated angle degree display to allow for a specific position.

5 function icu bed entire facilities:

  • (5 CLASSIC FUNCTIONS) These include head, knee, leg stand height as well as opposite Trendlenburg and Trendlenburg. The bed can be lowered 19 inches to a maximum height of 32 inches. These five functions allow the patient to be placed in high-fowler, trendlenburg, fowler, semi-fowler, and standard chair positions. Includes Trendlenburg movement for any specific position of the patient and display of any degree for head height.
  • (LINAK ELECTRIC MOTOR ACTUATORS) This 5 function ICU bed has Linac electric motor actuator. Which allows the patient to move smoothly and calmly. Next to it is the control side-rail and the hand-held swing.With the push of a button, the patient can go to a comfortable position. The 5 function icu bed also has a battery backup system for non-electronic power.
  • (LOCKING SYSTEM) The 5 function ICU bed comes with a central locking system with 5 inch aluminum castle wheel. This brake system allows easy movement on the carpet and on the surface.
    This locking feature allows you to easily move the bed on different surfaces in the hospital and at home.
  • (SIZE and WEIGHT) In case of safe operation, its weight limit is 235 kg.Simply put, this bed is capable of carrying a weight of 235 kg. Its sleeping page is 78.7 inches long and 35.4 inches wide. Its overall dimensions are 86.0 x 41.8 x 19.7 – 32.3 inches.

5 function fully electric hospital ICU bed with all advanced features like central locking system, control system, linux motor and battery back-up system. An ICU bed with so many facilities price only 140,000/- taka in Bangladesh.

4 reviews for 5 Function ICU Bed Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

  1. Tara Islam Nur

    It was comfortable and easy to operate controls. The bed was extremely heavy which I guess can be good and bad.

  2. Lionel Protap

    A welcome accessory for the care of an aging mother. The bed is now low enough for easy entry and exit. All function modes of the bed operate flawlessly. The included frame aided with getting the bed through the home’s narrow doorways. Once in the bedroom setup was quick and easy for two men. Purchased 7-14-2021

  3. Jerin Baroi

    Very sturdy and safe to use. Excellent product overall.

  4. avenue17

    Rather valuable piece

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