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Medical Oxygen

The importance of Medical Oxygen

Medical oxygen is a highly pure oxygen used for medical treatment. This medical oxygen is used to artificially meet the oxygen needs of the human body. Such as decreased oxygen levels in the blood, etc.

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is a chemical element. The symbol for oxygen is O and its atomic number is 8. Oxygen is produced through the photosynthesis process of plants and this element is an essential element for the respiration of all living things.

However, at present, it is seen that the level of this essential oxygen in the blood of many of the people who are infected with Covid-19 is decreasing. Generally, the level of oxygen in the blood of a healthy person should be 90 percent to 100 percent.

So now there is a pulse oximeter to measure the level of oxygen in the human body. Doctors therefore recommend that patients with covid-19 use a pulse oximeter to measure the level of oxygen in the blood.

When a patient’s oxygen level drops below 90 percent, he or she needs to be given medical oxygen.In this case, the patient is given medical oxygen through an oxygen cylinder or nasal cannula from an oxygen concentrator.

What happens when the level of oxygen in the blood decreases:

  1. The patient may become unconscious.
  2. Feeling weak.
  3. Problems breathing.
  4. The head will continue to relax.

It is important to note that when the level of oxygen in the blood decreases, the brain also becomes deficient in oxygen. Which can be very dangerous for a patient.

Apart from the pulse oximeter, there are several ways to find out if the level of oxygen in the blood has decreased.The above four reasons are the way to know it.

When a person has trouble breathing. Then he has to wear loose clothing. Breathing problems occur when wearing tight clothing. This is because this clothing prevents the lung muscles from stretching.

So loosen the clothes of patients infected with covid-19 from the beginning.

And if covid-19 patients are wearing tight clothes like pants, underwear, take off such clothes. Also remove the face mask, as the mask reduces the flow of oxygen and increases respiratory distress.

When the level of oxygen in the body decreases, stop walking. And eating something increases the body’s need for oxygen. Therefore, in such a situation, the patient should refrain from feeding anything.

There is no substitute for lung exercise to keep the lungs healthy.That’s why doctors are advising healthy people to do lung exercises in addition to covid-19 patients to keep the lungs healthy.

A simple lung exercise is:

First you need to breathe deeply through your nose.Then hold the air in the lungs for as long as possible or for seven to ten seconds.Then slowly exhale.Do this exercise several times in the same way.

From a patient with shortness of breath, human crowds need to be reduced.Crowds of people increase the amount of carbon dioxide and decrease the amount of oxygen.

Open all the doors and windows of the patient’s room to increase the level of oxygen around the patient.

These tips can give the patient temporary relief.

However, those who have serious breathing problems have no choice but to be given medical oxygen.

Patients with severe respiratory problems should be hospitalized and given oxygen.Or the patient should be given oxygen at home with the help of an oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator by someone trained.

In such cases, the patient should be hospitalized and given oxygen or at home Bring oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator and give oxygen to the patient with the help of trained person.

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